If you leave service or opt out of the Plan whilst still employed by Howden Joinery, the options available to you (and whether you can keep your Account invested in the Plan) will depend on how long you were a member of the Plan. If you opt out of the Plan you will lose valuable benefits including contributions from your employer.

Please refer to the Plan website for more information.

If you leave your Account invested in the Plan, remember to keep the your provider advised of any changes of address so that they  can send you statements and contact you when you are due to retire.

If you decide to leave the Plan while still employed by the Company, legislation requires your Employer to automatically enrol you back into the Plan, if you meet certain criteria, at regular intervals (usually every three years). If you still do not wish to use the Plan to save for your retirement, you will need to opt out each time you are automatically enrolled.

You should keep your investment choices under regular review to ensure they continue to meet your needs.