Joining the Plan automatically

To help people save for their retirement, legislation requires all employers to automatically enrol their employees into a workplace pension if they meet certain criteria. This is that they are working in the United Kingdom and are:

  • earning over £10,000 a year; and
  • age 22 or over; and
  • under State Pension age.

Employees meeting this criteria are known as eligible jobholders. Employees who are not eligible jobholders will only be automatically enrolled on request, or if they later become an eligible jobholder.

When will you be automatically enrolled?

All employers have been allocated Staging Dates which is when they must begin automatically enrolling their Eligible Jobholders into a workplace pension.

Once you have been automatically enrolled into the Plan you may opt out but you will lose valuable benefits including a contribution from your Employer.

If you are not an eligible Jobholder

You will not be automatically enrolled into the Plan if you are not an eligible jobholder. You can still join the Plan by completing an Application Form.

You can also ask to be automatically enrolled on by completing an application form.

Important note

If you have applied for, and been granted, Fixed or Enhanced Protection because you have already amassed a large amount of pension savings (around £1.5m or more) you will lose this protection if you are automatically enrolled into the Plan and do not opt out.

To find out more

You can find out more about automatic enrolment on the Plan website.